Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where is the shoe pinching?

"Then the men of the city said to Elisha, “Please notice, the situation of this city is pleasant, as my lord sees; but the water is bad, and the ground barren.”  - 2 Kings 2:19
I was having a discussion with a friend this afternoon. We were talking about some people that are meant to contribute a sum of money to her and some of them seem to be lagging behind in their payment. I responded, "what if these people do not really have the money they are asked to contribute?" She immediately answered and said, "Moyo, these people have money!" I paused, then answered, "not everyone that looks extravagant on the outside or dresses very well have money on them. They may have financial challenges underneath those good looks; it is possible they have struggles beneath those extravagant attires." Just like the city of Jericho, its situation on the outside, to passersby, seem very pleasant but the in-dwellers know what they are passing through - the water was bad and the ground barren!

Hi there, does that seem like a description of your life, your job, your marriage, your academics, your career, your ministry, your spiritual life, or your relationship. People are seeing a very colourful home, a sweet matrimony, a stress-free academic life, a glorious ministry, a wonderful and well-paid job on the outside whereas what you are passing through on the inside, only you knows. You know very much well where the shoe is pinching.

You know when you buy a new pair of shoes, sometimes before the shoes get used to your feet, it takes a while. It pinches deep within and sometimes get uncomfortable but people looking at the new shoes on you would compliment, "oh, those are nice" and I trust you to say, "awww, thank you."

So what's God saying about your situation? Elisha said to the people in verse 20, "Bring me a new bowl, and put salt in it". What that signifies is God is set to give you a new life (new bowl) and make your life sweet (salt). You know something about salt, everyone can taste it. Its effect is evident to all when tasted. You are the salt and light of this world; you are a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden. Your glory will burst forth and you will no longer know bitterness nor barrenness. You have a new story from now on in Jesus' name. Have a great week and do not forget, Jesus is on your case!


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